Wines for inspiration

Harald Juhnke once said: "My definition of happiness? No appointments and sitting down easily."

You can use wine for that, but that's not our idea at Pese Wein. For us, wine is a mixture of craftsmanship and emotion and a trigger for special, inspiring moments. How else can you explain why people are sometimes prepared to spend a double-digit sum on a bottle of new wine - and even a three-digit sum on a very special wine?

This can only be explained by the special feelings that special wines are able to trigger in us. But it's not just that which makes the enjoyment of wine special. It's also the situations in which we enjoy wine. To find the right bottles and keep them in stock, you need a little wine inspiration here and there.
With our favourite wines, our travels through the world of wine, the introduction of our winegrowers and the news that our wine professionals write down here, we would like to provide you with this inspiration.

Once around the world

We take you with us on our travels around the world and through the wine-growing regions. Sometimes things are happening close by and sometimes in the furthest corners of the wine world.
We bring you closer to these regions and explain what makes them special.

Get to know some of our winegrowers and winemakers

Château Angelus

The vineyard of Château Angélus is virtually surrounded by the three churches of Saint-Émillion. When the "angel bells" (Angel) structured the day for the people in the fields and among the vines, called for prayer, announced a break - then this could be heard particularly well here.

Hermannsberg Estate

The eagle on the label refers to the historical origins of today's Hermannberg Estate. It was founded in 1902 as the Royal Prussian Domain, with the quasi "state" mandate to produce world-class white wines. 96 years later it was privatised by the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Vignobles Comtes von Neipperg

The County of Neipperg was founded in the 12th century in northern Württemberg. It comprised around thirty villages and towns, including the town of Schwaigern, where the main line of the family still lives today. Since the 13th century, the Counts of Neipperg have been inextricably linked with viticulture.

Dr. Wehrheim Winery

Since 1920 and today in the fourth generation, traditional grape varieties of the region have been cultivated and vinified at a high level at the Palatinate winery Dr. Wehrheim. Karl-Heinz Wehrheim and his son Franz run today's winery and combine decades of experience with a contemporary drive for innovation in their team.

Our winegrowers

We not only know our wines, but also the winegrowers behind them.

They combine their passionate and hard work with their love of the terroir and a personal attitude to wine culture that has often grown over generations.

At Pese Wein, we are committed to representing winegrowers and wineries with whom we have built up a close relationship over many years or even decades. We fill our range with their estate wines, local wines, site wines and rarities.

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