Perfect wines for a barbecue evening

Even though it's still a little chilly, at least in some parts of Germany, it shouldn't be long before summer returns. Actually, it's already here. Because barbecues, summer and wine go perfectly together, we asked Nils Rohardt from the Hanse Lounge in Hamburg to give us a few tips on barbecuing while we selected some suitable wines for you.

Tip 1 from grill master Nils Rohardt:
Don't season meat before grilling, just salt it. If possible, don't use any marinade either, as everything burns easily. Only pepper and brush with salsa after grilling!

Tip 2:
The most important thing is the quality of the meat. Take it out of the fridge two to three hours beforehand and bring it to room temperature so that it doesn't burn on the outside or is still cold on the inside.

Tip 3:
What goes much better with meat than jacket potatoes or pasta salad?
Tomato salad, Caesar salad, couscous or baked vegetables with fresh Mediterranean herbs and good olive oil.

Have fun trying out and enjoying!

Try our exclusive

Zweigelt No. 1

This is a juicy, flavoursome and fruity Austrian wine that we drink slightly chilled at 12 degrees. Cherries, blueberries, blackberries and liquorice on the nose. On the palate, it is fleshy, juicy and drinkable with fine extract and silky tannins.

The Domaine Trapet

Ambre Rouge Pinots Macéré sur B.B.H.M 2020

is a Pinot Gris fermented on the skins with a small proportion of Auxerrrois that glows as red as Campari. The grapes come from the Grand Cru Sonnenglanz, which was planted by Pierre Trapet's grandfather. The wine is an ingenious combination of baked vegetables, meat and, above all, tomatoes, which otherwise kill many wines with their acidity. Not this one! So how about some grilled meat, salsa and tomato salad?

Quite different is the

Mercurey La Framboisière Monopole Village 2018

from the Domaine Faiveley. This is a wonderfully mature, thoroughly complex and yet playful Burgundy that can also be enjoyed chilled to start with, but which continues to develop throughout the evening.

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